Randy Carson

Mayor Carson

Mayor Randy Carson was born and raised in the Village of Fayetteville.  In 1993, Mayor Carson attended and graduated from the Southern Hills Police Academy.  He began his police career with the Village of Fayetteville Police Department in late 1993.  In 2000 he was promoted to Chief of Police.  He served as the Chief of Police for Fayetteville until 2015 where he took a leave of absents to run for Mayor.  In November of 2015 Mayor Carson won the election for Mayor.  He was sworn in as Mayor January 2016.

The Mayor has always been committed to the place he was born and raised.  Outside of being the Mayor, he loves camping and baseball. 



Past Fayetteville Mayors

1903-1905:     Milton Fox
1906-1908   F.A. Johnson
1908-1911:   John Evans
1911-1918:   Charles McQuillan
1919-1921:   G.A. Minnie
1921-1924:   Thos J. McCarthy
1925-1930:   M.J. Clark
1930-1930:   M.L. Purdin
1930-1932:   M.C. Ernst
1932-1933:   M.J. Clark
1933-1950:   L.A. Becker
1950-1954:   Thomas Drum
1954-1959:   Earl Berger
1960-1963:   Thomas Drum
1963-1969:   Earl Berger
1968-:   Frank Carlier