Brown County SWAT Team

SWAT Patch


Our Mission Statement: The Brown County Multi-jurisdictional SWAT team is a highly trained, responsive team that responds to critical incidents or high-risk warrant service and provides support to all Brown County law enforcement agencies to elevate the level of safety and security for the Citizens and Law Enforcement Officers of Brown County. If requested, the Brown County Multi-jurisdictional SWAT team will respond outside of Brown County.
The team is made up of 21 members from several different agencies in Brown County. It is a fully functional SWAT Team with entry members, sniper element, and crisis negotiators. The team is governed by a board of Chiefs made up by The Sheriff & Chiefs of Police in Brown County. The Board selects a Field Commander who serves a three year term and is responsible for all field operations of the team. The Field Commander selects 3 team leaders who make up the leadership of the team.
The Fayetteville Police Department currently has 3 members assigned to the County SWAT Team.